Guess which of the horses the previous Grand National winner is!

Excited to get your hands into a little Grand National betting this weekend? The biggest race festival in the world is finally here again. The Grand National has run for over 170 years, and besides a few occasional changes, has run consistently from the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. This year, over 150,000 people from all walks of life and points on the map will turn out to watch the event, which includes the ever popular Ladies Day taking place on the Friday. To tie in, we’ve got this great quiz that tests which of our readers are the biggest and best race fans. All you have to do is read the hint in the question, and guess which of the horses the previous Grand National winner is! Once you’ve answered the question correctly, you’ll earn bragging rights around your mates, and at the track this weekend! Good luck, let us know how you got on, and most importantly, share it with your friends to see if you can beat each other’s scores!

Gambling advice to my Wife and my Daughter

What follows is a bit of advice I gave to my two most cherished ladies as they embarked recently on a Mother’s Day cruise to Bermuda.


First of all, the slots will undoubtedly pay a lot less than they do in any casino town because there are no competing casinos on a cruise ship. On the other hand, Roulette is played exactly the same wherever it is played.

They are both lousy games, and you will most likely lose money if you play either one. But you’ll lose more than twice as much playing the slot machines as you will playing Roulette. Cruise ships slots pay back about 80% of the money you put into the slots.

Now suppose someone was to come up to you on the ship and offer to give you 80 cents for every dollar you had in your handbag? Would you do it? Why, then would you play slots? (Probably for the same reason you buy an occasional lottery ticket. You could get lucky.) But trust me . . . in the long run it ain’t going to happen.

Now let’s move over to the Roulette table.

The odds against you when you play Roulette are 5.26%, no matter how you play. So that same person who made you the 80 cents offer would now be offering you a bit less than 95 cents for your dollars.


Plus . . . if you play Roulette you will be involved in a human game, not a machine one. You will meet people as you play together at the same table and as you do you will become part of the “James Bond” casino experience. In the hype of a cruise line, you will be having fun. Continue reading “Gambling advice to my Wife and my Daughter”