4 Reasons why Bluffing will absolutely destroy You in Poker long term

OK, we got you: bluffing is one of those topics that poker fans will debate into the ground, any day of the week. Some people are really good at bluffing, so they obviously advocate for more bluffing, all of the time. Other people are bad at it, so they tell you that bluffing is for suckers. That isn’t the point of this article. All of you are independent poker players. You can play any way that you want, but it’s to your best interest to look at your strategy for any inconsistencies. One inconsistency that weRead More

Playing Tournaments against the Pros – “My First Encounter with Johnny Chan”

I have been playing in major poker tournaments since 1998 when I was lucky enough to win a trip for two to Las Vegas playing in a local poker tournament in the small city that I live in. The prize included a seat in the $1000 buy in limit hold em tournament at the Rio’s Carnival of Poker. T.J. Cloutier stated in one of his books that there are lots of local pros who come to Las Vegas to play with the big boys. He mentioned Joe Blow from Iowa. He must have been speaking aboutRead More