Are Slot Games Anything More Than Games Of Luck?

While some people believe that slot games are all about luck, others believe that there is some skill involved in terms of placing the right bets at the right time. Here, we are going to discuss the idea of luck in slot games and how they operate. If getting to know the inner workings of these intriguing machines is up your street, then read on.

Random Number Generators

When you are playing your favourite slot games, you can get onto a ‘lucky streak’ that seems as though the machine has decided to be generous for a little while. However, it is important to know that random number generators are at the heart of slot games and they decide the outcome of every ‘spin’. This means that each spin on a slot is treated individually and you won’t win after a certain number of spins or once you have spent enough cash. RNGs play a huge part in these machines, ensuring that they are fair and that the game is about luck.


Another thing to consider when looking at whether slot games are anything more than luck is the RTPs. All slot games will have an RTP percentage which is set by the game developer. This is the percentage that the RNG uses to calculate how many times it will pay out, but it will be random and will differ from slot to slot. It is important to get into the habit of looking for the RTP on each game you play as you will be better off sticking to those which have the higher percentage payouts.

Is There Skill Involved?

While the RTP and the RNG used in slot games suggest that winning is down to your luck – there are some arguments people use to suggest that skill can be involved. Certain people think that keeping bets low and changing them at the right time can help to boost a prize fund, but this really is myth and should not be taken seriously.

A further way in which people claim skill plays a factor in your slot game fate is through bonus rounds, particularly those which require certain items to be chosen by the player.  Generally this claim is bogus as the outcome of a reveal is also determined by the RNG, we are yet to hear of a slot game which allows room for player skill in a bonus round.

Final Verdict

Slot games can often seem unfair in the way that they pay out, but it is important that you understand that random number generators are at the heart of these games. Casinos don’t have much control over the slots once the RTP has been set by the developer.

Overall, it is clear that slot games are quite simply games of luck as there is no skill involved. Each game is decided individually by the RNG so you won’t be able to change how the slot pays out, other than controlling your wager. Remember that each spin on a slot is random and is not based on the one which came before or how much cash you have added. In short, slot games are all about being in the right place at the right time!


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