Texas Hold’em Questions: Poker Training Videos Review

The poker training video membership offered by Texas Hold’em Questions is one of many poker training websites offerings. We decided to join as members a few months ago to sample their content to help inform those of you considering signing up what to expect.  We’ll look at the good and not so good of what they have to offer poker enthusiasts looking to improve.

poker training videos

What Forms of Poker are Included?

The training video membership contains videos on Texas Hold’em alone. There’s no PLO or mixed game videos included. This is unsurprising for a website with “Texas Hold’em” in its name. It also looks like they are catering to the masses where Texas Hold’em remains the number 1 form of poker.

Score: 8/10They stick to the most popular form

What is the Format of The Poker Training Videos?

The videos vary between 15 minutes to 1 hour. There’s a very good variety; real time tournaments, real time cash games, SNGs, and strategy videos too. The real time videos offer insight into how a tournament expert thinks. We found this very useful as there are scenarios that come up that wouldn’t otherwise get discussed. But when you’re watching it played in real-time, you get that little bit more. Continue reading “Texas Hold’em Questions: Poker Training Videos Review”

Slot Machine Manners

Having been victim of the antics of more than a few rude slot players, I can confirm that how you behaving while playing a slot machine is as important as how your winnings are coming along.

When playing at any casino, it is important to realize that your behavior can seriously impact the kind of experience you have. Who wants to get tossed out of a casino and ruin an otherwise fun weekend of slot play? Some people don’t realize that there is such a thing as slot machine etiquette. They simply drop coins and play the slot machines with no understanding of what kinds of behavior are expected at slot machine banks.

Sitting at the Slots Etiquette

For starters, if you are not playing the slot machines you need to stay out of the chairs by the slot machine games, this is good slots etiquette. Chairs in front of gaming machines were put there for players and customers, not for people to rest on. The casino sees you resting and not putting money in the machine and realizes this is a seat that could be filled by a customer — someone may want to play the game and cannot because you are there. You also do not have the right to spread yourself across the other seats. Purses, coats, pets, children, or whatever other crap you bring with you to the casino cannot be left on the chair next to you. Have some class people – gaming chairs aren’t footrests. Continue reading “Slot Machine Manners”

Are Slot Games Anything More Than Games Of Luck?

While some people believe that slot games are all about luck, others believe that there is some skill involved in terms of placing the right bets at the right time. Here, we are going to discuss the idea of luck in slot games and how they operate. If getting to know the inner workings of these intriguing machines is up your street, then read on.

Random Number Generators

When you are playing your favourite slot games, you can get onto a ‘lucky streak’ that seems as though the machine has decided to be generous for a little while. However, it is important to know that random number generators are at the heart of slot games and they decide the outcome of every ‘spin’. This means that each spin on a slot is treated individually and you won’t win after a certain number of spins or once you have spent enough cash. RNGs play a huge part in these machines, ensuring that they are fair and that the game is about luck. Continue reading “Are Slot Games Anything More Than Games Of Luck?”

Live Out Your Fantasy at Paddy Power

The Pig Wizard, Pixies of the Forest and Cinderella’s Ball are just some of the fantasy slots available at Paddy Power, which let players reach their full imagination. Popular in both video games and Hollywood movies, fantasy adventures transport you into a whole new realm and let you break away from the normal world. Connecting with art, literature and films, these type of slots prove popular among all ages and genders. The freedom of the story is one of the many reasons why gamblers love them and may provide them with a real life fairytale. From Eye of Horus and Ra’s Legend to even Little Red Riding Hood, Slots at Paddy Power have them all and give you the chance to escape. Check out the infographic below to find out what other types of slots are popular and available at Paddy Power today. Continue reading “Live Out Your Fantasy at Paddy Power”

Skill or Luck: which casino game is right for you?

Sign up to play online casino games and you’ll be joining the millions of players already cashing in on fun, thrills and big rewards. Indeed, the best online casino sites available these days provide well in excess of 500 games. As well as an expansive selection of slots covering every imaginable theme and genre, you’ll find all the classic table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and much, much more, all ready and waiting at your fingertips.

But with so much choice, picking which casino games to start playing can be a pretty tricky (not to mention, daunting) task. Continue reading “Skill or Luck: which casino game is right for you?”

Online casino tech

If you’re a casino fan looking to have fun on the go, then you’re going to need to find two things: (1) the right mobile casino site to join and (2) the best mobile device to play on.

When hunting for the right mobile casino, find somewhere with plenty of games. Good sites will boast over 500, with a varied selection of slot, jackpot and table game titles to choose from. These games should be customable-built to run on mobile devices without any glitches, and powered by reputable software providers like NetEnt, Playtech and IGT. Continue reading “Online casino tech”

Guess which of the horses the previous Grand National winner is!

Excited to get your hands into a little Grand National betting this weekend? The biggest race festival in the world is finally here again. The Grand National has run for over 170 years, and besides a few occasional changes, has run consistently from the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. This year, over 150,000 people from all walks of life and points on the map will turn out to watch the event, which includes the ever popular Ladies Day taking place on the Friday. To tie in, we’ve got this great quiz that tests which of our readers are the biggest and best race fans. All you have to do is read the hint in the question, and guess which of the horses the previous Grand National winner is! Once you’ve answered the question correctly, you’ll earn bragging rights around your mates, and at the track this weekend! Good luck, let us know how you got on, and most importantly, share it with your friends to see if you can beat each other’s scores!

How to reduce Risk in Online Casinos

There is always an element of risk when you are playing in online casinos. You are gambling money and the risk that you take is losing all of the money. As casinos set the odds so that they profit, that is how their business model works, it means that you are much more likely to lose than to win anything.

How much risk you take is determined by the odds of the game that you are playing. This outlines the chance and so if you know the odds then you will know what the chances are of you winning the game. However, even if you do find this out, in some games, winning may refer to any prize and some games have winnings that vary in value and they can be anything from a huge jackpot to an amount lower than what you paid to play. It is therefore important that you know exactly what it is referring to. If you are the sort of person that plays to win the big jackpots and is not interested in smaller prizes, then you will need to look carefully at the odds of winning that rather than any prize.

There are some games which need some skill in order to win, such as poker and there are other games which are pure luck, such as bingo. You may feel that if you choose a game that needs some skill and you are skilled in it, then you will improve your chances of winning compared with a game of pure luck. However, this may not be as simple as it seems, as you have no idea how skilled your opponents will be. If they are all better than you, then you will be unlikely to have any chance of winning, unless you are lucky. Therefore luck will play a part here as well, although you may feel more in control of your luck in this situation. Continue reading “How to reduce Risk in Online Casinos”

4 Reasons why Bluffing will absolutely destroy You in Poker long term

OK, we got you: bluffing is one of those topics that poker fans will debate into the ground, any day of the week. Some people are really good at bluffing, so they obviously advocate for more bluffing, all of the time. Other people are bad at it, so they tell you that bluffing is for suckers. That isn’t the point of this article. All of you are independent poker players. You can play any way that you want, but it’s to your best interest to look at your strategy for any inconsistencies.

One inconsistency that we see often in terms of poker mistakes would have to be bluffing. You can’t bluff your way to the top. It works when it works, but when people catch on, it can easily swing in the other direction. Here’s why bluffing can be a big mistake:


1. Lack of Poker Reputation

If you haven’t cultivated the right image at the poker table, your bluff isn’t going to work. People will see right through it and call you out, or fire back at you with a re-raise. If you have to put more chips in the pot to stay in because of the river, you’re setting yourself up for a really rough go of things. Never put yourself in a position where you have to pray for the river to give you what you’re really looking for. If you do that in a bluffing situation, it actually makes you look very “donk”-like. You’re telling players at the table that you don’t make good decisions, which can set you up as the next target to devour. Continue reading “4 Reasons why Bluffing will absolutely destroy You in Poker long term”

Gambling advice to my Wife and my Daughter

What follows is a bit of advice I gave to my two most cherished ladies as they embarked recently on a Mother’s Day cruise to Bermuda.


First of all, the slots will undoubtedly pay a lot less than they do in any casino town because there are no competing casinos on a cruise ship. On the other hand, Roulette is played exactly the same wherever it is played.

They are both lousy games, and you will most likely lose money if you play either one. But you’ll lose more than twice as much playing the slot machines as you will playing Roulette. Cruise ships slots pay back about 80% of the money you put into the slots.

Now suppose someone was to come up to you on the ship and offer to give you 80 cents for every dollar you had in your handbag? Would you do it? Why, then would you play slots? (Probably for the same reason you buy an occasional lottery ticket. You could get lucky.) But trust me . . . in the long run it ain’t going to happen.

Now let’s move over to the Roulette table.

The odds against you when you play Roulette are 5.26%, no matter how you play. So that same person who made you the 80 cents offer would now be offering you a bit less than 95 cents for your dollars.


Plus . . . if you play Roulette you will be involved in a human game, not a machine one. You will meet people as you play together at the same table and as you do you will become part of the “James Bond” casino experience. In the hype of a cruise line, you will be having fun. Continue reading “Gambling advice to my Wife and my Daughter”