Texas Hold’em Questions: Poker Training Videos Review

The poker training video membership offered by Texas Hold’em Questions is one of many poker training websites offerings. We decided to join as members a few months ago to sample their content to help inform those of you considering signing up what to expect.  We’ll look at the good and not so good of what they have to offer poker enthusiasts looking to improve.

What Forms of Poker are Included?

The training video membership contains videos on Texas Hold’em alone. There’s no PLO or mixed game videos included. This is unsurprising for a website with “Texas Hold’em” in its name. It also looks like they are catering to the masses where Texas Hold’em remains the number 1 form of poker.

Score: 8/10They stick to the most popular form

What is the Format of The Poker Training Videos?

The videos vary between 15 minutes to 1 hour. There’s a very good variety; real time tournaments, real time cash games, SNGs, and strategy videos too. The real time videos offer insight into how a tournament expert thinks. We found this very useful as there are scenarios that come up that wouldn’t otherwise get discussed. But when you’re watching it played in real-time, you get that little bit more.

The videos are accessed through a login where you stream the videos via private YouTube links. You can’t download them from a portal or anything like that, which is a shame but you can easily pause and resume so it didn’t cause us any issues.

Our favourite videos were the strategy ones. There are several that have narration and PowerPoint presentations focusing on a key topic. The language was easy to understand, concise and to the point. It was broken down simply so you don’t get lost in unnecessary jargon. We understand they will be focusing more on these types of poker training videos in the future.

Score: 8/10 – Easy to access with no issues.

How Much Content?

At time of this review, there’s just over 1,000 minutes of content. This is very good considering the membership was only launched in 2018. We like the fact it’s newer as many of the training sites are relying on content from the poker boom era. A lot has changed since then so it’s refreshing to see a newer poker training site. They add content every month so everything is fresh and relevant.

Score: 9/10 – Decent amount so far, and regularly updated

Who is the Training Video Membership For?

Texas Hold’em Questions are clearly appealing to micro and low stakes players with these videos. Most advanced poker players will have a solid understanding of what is being said already. However, at such a low fee, it’s cost-effective for mid stakes players too. There’s sure to be some unique poker strategy that’s included and if even one strikes a chord that helps win-rates than it’s worth the fee.

How Much Does Training Video Membership Cost?

Texas Hold’em Questions charge £49.99 per year for membership to their training videos. This is fantastic value for money, working out at just over £4/month. This much better than most training sites which charge higher fees on a monthly basis. I wouldn’t be surprised if they increase their prices in the future as they’re under valuing their service at the moment.

Score: 10/10 – Amazing value for money

Overall Score: 8.8

Texas Hold’em Questions score just under a 9/10. They have a great training product that is perfect for micro and low stakes Texas Hold’em players. They have variety in content too so cash game players and tournament players benefit. At £49.99 per year, we recommend their services to any new and intermediate players keen to improve their skills.  Click their banner below to sign up.


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